FRP Panels

Total Panel Source offers FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) innovative wall and ceiling panels for cold storage areas. These FRP panels are laminated with non-toxic MgO board making them the ideal solution for food storage. This revolutionary configuration results in a panel that’s more energy efficient, easier to install and maintain, and can stand up better to daily wear than conventional cold storage paneling.

Your Core Advantage…
Unlike EPS (Extruded Polystyrene), a common substrate in cold storage walls that’s easily dented, This FRP paneling is impact resistant. Less dings and dents means less surface area where bacteria and dirt can build up – keeping people safer. Plus, these FRP panels are manufactured in America using proprietary technology for consistent, proven performance.

Resilient FRP Panels That Stand Up to Daily Use
Most cold storage areas require frequent cleanings. Unlike other cold storage boards and panels, the FRP panels sourced from Total Panel Source do not deteriorate or crumble in the presence of humidity and moisture. These FRP panels can withstand daily washing for years to come. In addition, they are non-reactive: the panel surface will not react with cleaning chemicals such as bleach and detergents. The FRP surface is smooth and simple to wipe off and clean.

Turnkey Installation to Keep Business Moving
The FRP panels supplied by Total Panel Source can be installed quickly and easily to an existing metal wall or ceiling using standard materials such as glue and screws. Instead of completely rebuilding cold storage walls and ceilings, these innovative FRP panels can be overlaid onto existing metal walls in just hours.

Raise Your “R” Value, Lower Energy Costs
Keep your cold storage area cooler using less energy with innovative FPR panels. You benefit from a higher R value – and reduced energy consumption. It’s a cleaner, greener choice for cold storage walls and ceilings.